22 Feb 2016

(YOUTUBE) She's different | A Valentine's Day Video

Hello guys!

Let's discuss a little bit more together about my recent Youtube Video. If you have not seen it, here it is:

In this short film, we witnessed a lady, at age 22, still going around doing her yearly Valentine's Day routine, giving out flowers to people who is nothing more than a stranger. Many of us will not have the time or thought to go about keeping this routine for 12 years. That a side, roses are expensive gift too. She didn't just gave it to couple, but she also gave it to individual on the streets.

Why did she do it?
Let's go deeper together and understand this young lady a little more. 

She is single-handedly brought up by her mother and she doesn't have any sibling. Even though, she pretty much spent her days alone, she always bump into happy couples and people almost everyday. She saw them in dramas, in videos, on the bus and at shopping malls.

She feels envious and happy for people who get to specially celebrate and spend such special occasions with their other half. She didn't had anyone, not even her mother because she is too busy working overseas and she hardly see her. No one ever gives her any roses or flowers of sort on special occasions like this.

So she thought to herself that since she couldn't quite had the chance to experience such joy and happiness of receiving flowers, she wants to try her best to let others like her to have the chance to experience them.

She thought: "Why not do something nice on Valentine's Day? Why not give something meaningful to someone? Meaningful gift like rose."

Well, what goes around come around. ;) Including the good stuff...
So do more good to others. Do a little something for people everyday.

Now, let's talk about what goes on behind the scene.


I missed quite a number of bus stops and MRT stops almost every single day to work because I was endlessly on my phone.
Thankfully, I had awesome people around me who are willing to help! Very very thankful!
Without them, this video wouldn't have make it and I wouldn't have been able to share such wonderful message to my audience!

The actual shoot:

We were caught up in bad weather and really had bad ambience. We literally ran 2 times from the heavy rain, looking for shelters. All we had in mind at that time, was to protect all the equipments & props that were with us. I was so worried about the camera & audio equipments when the merciless rain suddenly attacked us. No warnings were given by Ti Gong Peh (God). Sigh. It was super challenging because all shots and plans were being forced to change at last minute due to the terrible weather.

And guessed what, we had 6 Esplanade security guards with us for the last few footages at about 12 am. Well, they are not there to protect us from the rain. They are there to get a part in the video...

I am just kidding. LOL! You know what security guards do right? Other than protecting and guarding, their profession actually also includes chasing people out. ;) Oh well, we do what we can!


I nearly died.
Magics were done in post-production when you have so much missing audios.
Color corrections is a killer as well.
Cuts of footages and syncing of audio are done at my best as well.
~3 days of 2-3hrs sleep are worth it in the end.

Yeah, fell sick twice in a month. *CLAPS* New achievement unlocked. lol.

SUCCESSFULLY uploaded the video.

Guess what?
On the day itself, I realised 2 consecutive spelling mistake. I think sleepy monster had succeeded in it's job to make me type diary as dairy. I even had my creative to my max to cover this little error. LOL! Like for example: I named my diary as dairy because I love to drink dairy products like milk.

Which is true! HAHAHAA.

But yeah, I decided to stop being lame and rushed down from my last show to at least get the subtitle right.
AND, at last, it made it on time on Youtube. Thank you so much to those who play a part in the making of this video! Big love to every single one of you!

It's my first Valentine's day short film and my 2nd short film on my Youtube Channel. I hope you guys enjoy it and remember to do a little something good everyday, not just on special occasions!

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In the mean time, let's chill, relax and enjoy the rest of our week!
Stay tuned for a new video this coming Monday, 29th Feb 2016, 8PM.

Valentine's Day is a special occasion whereby everyone express their love to their special ones. It doesn't have to necessary be just couple. So do your little magic to the individuals to make them feel special too~ OH! By the way, I see a lot of people using Happy V-Day. Well, technically, it is correct because V-Day also falls on 14th Feb. The only difference is, it is a global activist movement to end violence against women and girls started by author, playwright and activist Eve Ensler. For those who didn't know, now you know. ;)

14th February is truly a meaningful day to remember.


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